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✩Fantage Farm Tutorial✩™

Fantage has released the ‘fantage farm’. In this place you can grow plants and trees! Read for a detailed tutorial on ‘How to plant’, ‘Harvest’ and many other basics!


Go to your home. Click on the ‘farm’ button.

How to Plant & Harvest?


1. Click on a farm plot! 1 sun energy required. (You will get 5 plots for free when you start, you can buy plots by clicking on the stones or wait till you level up)


2. Click and grow plants. Click on the other tab ‘trees’ to grow trees.


3. Click on the plot to plant! Hover over to see the ‘time left’. Click finish!


4. Click to harvest the plants! Harvesting does’nt take time but it requires 1 sun energy.


Your crop stages!

Other Info!


Sun Energy

You can get sun energy by hovering over the sun. They come after every 1 minute. You need to collect a sun in order for the other sun’s to come. To upgrade you sun energy you need to get premium membership. But your sun energy level will be increased after you level up. They will be filled completely when you level up! I think this is inspired by a game called Plants Vs Zombies, as even that has the falling sun concept for energy to grow plants.

Buddy Farms

Click on the ‘buddy’ option on the top right. You will find a list of your 1st five buddies. You can visit your buddy farms by simply clicking their idfone’s and clicking on the ‘farm’ option. The number highlighted in green will tell you how many times you can help them. (Max 3) You can help by:

  1. Harvesting their crops.
  2. Speeding their process of growing by clicking on the plants.



Your medal! You will receive when you have gained enough EXP. You need to fill up the bar that says ‘farm level’ on the top right.

Thanks For reading! You have now learned how to grow plants, harvest +more on fantage!


Comments on: "✩Fantage Farm Tutorial✩™" (20)

  1. mrgrnforever said:

    You missed the Fantage Farm IDfone button/icon and the medal information (can be found in the medal guide of IDfone)…

  2. how come if u buy a plant u pay 10 stars but when it grows and takes ages when u com to sell it its only 12 stars!?

  3. I love locking people in a barn. Usally to get them in there I host fake tryouts like

    Youtube tryouts my place or Fashion tryouts my place.

    and I take the winner and losers ( no offense I think everyone’s a winner. ) any way , I take them to the barn and I lock them in there by saying see ya later tee hee hee.

  4. How do you sell your plants?

  5. the farm is really worth it. I’m almost up to level 34.

  6. Question: I just wanted to know how to sell plants or trees to get stars or ecoins. I really need some help.

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