The best fantage cheats 2015


1. Pet Collector Medal: 


Each pet you get levels you 1 level up! Non-members can level up 2 levels unless they get a member pet with e-coins. Click to learn how?

2. Pet Trainer Medal: 


Train your pets to level them up!


The more the number of wins your pet has the more you level up! You can level your pets by playing pet game. Click here to learn about pet games and how to play them.

3. Pet Walker Medal: 


You earn and level up this medal by walking your pets outside. Non-members with pebbles cannot walk them so Click to learn how to get member pets.

4. Pet Treat Medal: 


You earn this medal by collecting pet treats with your pets. (Note- Pebbles don’t walk outside)

5. Pet Academy Attendance Medal:  


Go to pet town, pet academy and click the person in the window.


Level up your medal each time you log in a row!


The person counts your days! You can log in once for 100 days in a row, level your medal completely.


  1. Playing pet games and leveling up your pet medals is one way to level up with pets. Every time you gain a new medal title, you level up your medal. So make sure to play pet games often! They will earn you a lot of stars as well. To find out what pet games there are, go to our Pet Games page.
  2. Hatching a pet immediately earns you one level up. So if you are a member, I would suggest buying all of the eggs and hatching them all. See our Pet Codes page to find out how to hatch all of them correctly in one shot!
  3. Pet Treats are another way you can level up pretty quickly. There are a total of 7 pet treats. Here are their locations: Castle Bridge, Pet Town, Beach, Carnival, Mt. Fantage, Forest, Wizard’s Domain. Each time you finish getting all seven, a sign will tell you how much more pet treats you need to collect before leveling up your medal.
  4. Sign into the Pet academy each and every day and that will level up your Pet Academy medal and you can level up too.

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