The best fantage cheats 2015



Meeting on fantage with my best friend ‘Taniya’

We are friends from 3 years


Meeting with 12323emily a blogger!!!


My meeting with icewhisker!!!


My meeting with taylor_swift_is_awesome!

I meet salwa, foreverball11 & liaoyuqing

I meet daniyah428!

I meet lily2886!

I meet Vinita and melanie!

I meet snow crystal and scarlet (princess jc)

Look who I meet nicegirO. You can see krithy she visits my blog! And….And…..Angelwish12 the biggest scamer hanging out with her friend.

Barbie, nicegirlO and I dress like triplets.

I meet some of my viewers- candycane266 and cutelatina

I meet flils and scarlet!

meet up
I meet lilly2886, emily12323 and fairypix

I meet scarlet and her brother!



My mini party!

Comments on: "♡iMeet♡™" (62)

  1. lunaravenue said:

    you should have added that time when we were at the cafe!

  2. Here is my user name adiba890 try to add me or i’ll do it

  3. (in fantage)

  4. ashley0711 said:

    are you on?

  5. hmmm,
    i want to add u…

  6. candycane266 said:

    aprsept can i meet you on fantage sometime

  7. candycane266 said:

    i met you.Yay! jump jump

  8. OMGz i cant belive met u

  9. Wow your so lucky you meet all them!Remember those rude comments?Well my annyoing sis typed those.Sorry if anything happened.


  11. Barbie2982 said:

    Yay im on this page! i was wondering why she took a picture! Tehe! xDDDDDDDDDD

  12. Barbie2982 said:

    Let’s meet again Aprsept. when should we? And am i a worker because you did not email me.

  13. Barbie2982 said:

    r u on?

  14. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:

    where is our new photo?

  15. can i meet you? User is jessie_qt

  16. Aprsept email me the password to the Staff only page please!

  17. Aprsept can we meet some time on Fantage? I have to go back to school soon so can we meet really soon?

  18. Aprsept can we set up a meeting at 1:00 fantagain time saturday 12th oct 2013
    my names kalyn123 and meet me in downtown please! 🙂 im a HUGE FAN OF U 😀

  19. Snowy7319 said:

    CAN I PLEASE MEET YOU? My username is snowy7319. I LOVE THIS BLOG

  20. hi.. can we meet please… i really wanna having fun with you and took some pictures with you

  21. Haii! Can I add u on Fantage?
    My blogging name is Aurelia
    Fantage name is minnie_3542

  22. Can I be an editor on this blog? I would really, like to! Can I?

  23. hi i am Fizakhan86 i like your blog its cool can u tell me where we want to add password for free membership on fantage

  24. hey can i meet u on fantage tell me time when u online i want to add u

  25. Hey can I add / meet U some time? I’m sky7710 a BIG fan of u 🙂

  26. Ok cool, my email is

  27. HI!!! Can i add you??? My username on fantage is musicscene, NO CAPS!!! LOL!!! = )

  28. Hi arpsept!! I really wanna meet u aprsept!!! Im always on the first server (Auburn Hippo) but if its full i always go to the next server that isnt ful…hope i could see you, be my buddy and chat with me….but i wouldnt be on this summer because of our family bonding during vacations….i think this june or july i will be always on…hope to see you soon!! 🙂

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