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🐰Pet Games🐰™

The are so many Pet Games you can play at Pet Town. Right now, there are a total of 5 games. I, Luna, will be telling you how to play each of them:

1. Wild Racer:


This was the first game that was released. All you need to do to play this game, is use your spacebar and mouse. Press your spacebar repeatedly and click your mouse to jump. DOn’t jump when you see meat because that gives you a speed boost. Here are some other tips:

  • Always try to get the meat
  • Never stop pressing the spacebar
  • Click the mouse as soon as you see an obstacle
  • Try to never stop
  • Always focus on your own lane
  • If it seems like you are hitting the obstacles, but you’re not dizzy, then continue. As long as you click every time you SEE an obstacle, then you are fine.

2. Wild Slinger


It is the second pet game you can play. All you need to do is pick your angle and shoot at the little gremlins. Try not to use to much power or stretch too high or else you might miss. You only get 3 chances so be careful. Here are some tips:

  • Do not aim too high or low
  • Try to use the least amount of RED power
  • If the gremlin is low, use a straight angle and do not aim up or down
  • Try not to land anywhere else besides the hit zone.

3. Wild Brainies


It’s a math game that sees how much you know about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you don’t know basic math, then you are better off not playing this game.

4. Wild Derby


Wild Derby is basically a game where you choose which pet you think will win the race. The first pet to cross the finish line wins the most stars. You have to choose 1 of 4 pets.

5. Wild Rumble


Wild Rumble is a game where you choose 5 pets to play against another player’s 5 pets. Choose wisely. If you don’t have 5, they game provides you with 5. Here are some tips on how to win the game:

  • If you go first, always attack
  • If they don’t attack, then put up counter or shield
  • Keep a close eye on what your opponents pets, ingredients, and moves are

That’s all of the pet games there are for now. See you later!

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