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☂Pet treats☂

pet treats

So, what are pet treats?

They are treats which are found around fantage, which earn you stars and level you up!

Note- Non members cannot collect them as mumbo & jimbo cannot be taken outside. All pebbles are shy and do not walk outside.

There are 7 treats hidden around fantage everyday! They are hidden in the same location, but at different places.

1) The Beach

2) The Carnival

3) Pet Town

4) Mt. Fantage

5) The Castle

6) Wizard’s Domain

7) The Forest


You earn the pet treat medal when you let your pet eat the treats. You just have to click on the treat if you find one around.


Comments on: "☂Pet treats☂" (18)

  1. Please do one for new fantage i need 1 more before i level up and 1 more level until i get level 300 please update it. But i will stiill look.

      • Fuck αρяѕєρт fuck u

        • thats rude

        • fuzzie09 said:

          Hey! wjsakfldj! Stop hatin’! I mean, she’s putting her free time into making this website helping people who need help! You are probably a newbie, and beginner, considering that you are here on the website on this page…. YOU should say sorry! SHES HELPING people, and one of them is YOU! So just thank her for putting her time in making this! JEEZ

    • not to be rude but on the new version it’s:
      1. Beach
      2. Carnival
      3. Pet Town
      4. Mt. Fantage
      5. The Castle
      6. School
      7. The Forest
      Its the school now its anoying they’ve changed it.

  2. topazblue11 said:

    Yeah, they’re in different places now in New Fantage, becoz the Forest and the Wizards Domain are molded together…

  3. Yeah, agree with topazblue11. The map changed, so the last treat is somewhere else. :/

  4. Theres none at wizards domain, it has changed to school 🙂

  5. where is the widards domain

  6. rosie4890 said:

    people say it changed to school but i cant find it there?

  7. kitty_kat_gamer said:

    Look by the school and the Club House. Hope this helps you guys 🙂

  8. bareeha9 said:

    hello guys im new here and can you help me

  9. ..Pixel.. said:

    I had this glitch where I got two treats from the same place at the forest, and I went everywhere and I can’t find one :\

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