The best fantage cheats 2015

⇛Other Games⇚™

Putt Putt-


The idea of the game is to try to get the ball in the hole in 1 shot. Get more shots than 16 and you HAVE to go on to the next round. The light green shades(on round 3 and up) makes your ball go <–thataway so try get your ball close to it then take a putt so it will have more energy to go across the grass. The dark green shades (on round 4 and up) makes your ball go –> that way so do the same as you do on the light green shades. Ok now onto the help. Well you get your ball at the angle you think won’t take too many shots to get it into the hole. Think about the power and if it can bounce off the walls into the hole.

Pearly Pop-


On this game get 3 or more same colored balls by firing your turret at the screen. Aim for the biggest amount of balls then when you get a ball of the same color aim it at the biggest. If there are no big colors then you must simply create your own threesome. First find the color of the ball in your turret. You then shoot it at that ball. Keep shooting the other colors until you get a same color as the one for the threesome.If you have destroyed half the side and the other side is coming down at a scary speed then shoot the balls you need away at the side that has been half destroyed and shoot the ones that are needed at the side with more balls. Remember start at the bottom unless there is a huge amount of same colored balls.

Brick Break-


Click the bricks to make them disappear. 1 brick uses 1 magic wand. You will need the wands for near the end of the rounds so dont waste them. Bigger disappearences gives more points so go to the top of the screen and stick to one color working your way down. Why? because when I play it well I do mistake and regret it. Try to use as few as possible wands.

Galaxy Hero-


Hold down the space bar to keep shooting instead of tapping it, this createsless noise. Keep an eye on your rocket in case there are lasers coming at you. If the power ups are further away from you and there is a laser separating you then don’t get it,a missed power up is better than a lost life, besides, there will be other chances. When you get a power up go to one side of the screen and when there is no lasers then zoom across the screen holding the space bar. Do not waste the power up.



In this game, aim for the veg with most points. The veg will pop up in same places as they popped up last time so dart your eyes there every now and again. Try not to hit the flowers and the bombs as these will cause great point loss. The bombs and flowers pop up in the same spaces so avoid those spaces.

Go Cart-


Jump over other cars unless there are two cars in the same row. If there is path with most stars then zoom across that path. When the 10 second warning goes off don’t let it faze you, don’t rush this will make you get careless errors.

Rocket Board-


Try and time your jumps. Don’t jump around unnecessarily in case you bash into an obstacle when you come down.



Move around all the time and when an opponent goes to the center you to must go to the center and click him a lot of times repeatedly, the balloons go faster because he is nearer to you. Try and legshot your opponent if he keeps moving around for example most people go in a circle or go up or
down when your opponent is about to reach a time your shot carefully, if you are further away then shoot him earlier.

Jelly Fishin’-


Catch the jellyfish around you, this saves time and so dont aim for the big ones down at the bottom as they are heavy and will take ages to reach the top go for the small ones as Tesco says ”every little helps”.

Snack Tac Toe-


If you are first to make a move don’t really put it in the middle put it in a diagonal and put your other goes in a diagonal but use your common sense if your opponent blocks your way then put your cookie in a different place. If you are second to make your move and your opponent puts his move
in the middle, put your move in a side so he cant make a move to make a threesome because you are blocking the way, next he will mostly put it at the other side so you must opposite him, then try and put your cookie in the corner in between your other cookies, you now have a choice and have 80% winning.
Here is a diagram-
….| ..|
———– key: x= you
….| o |………… o= opponent
…..| ..|
…..|.. |————
…..| o | x
…..|… |
….| o |
….| o | x
….|… |
….| o |
….| o | x
….| x |
…o| o |
…..| o | x
…..| x |
…o| o |
…..| o | x
…..| x | x
…o| o |…. <- you can win here
…..| o | x
…..| x | x
or here you can put the x’s anywhere else on the sides and sorry there’s an awful lot of dots i had to put them there to stop it limping.

Memory Mixup-


If you have a bad memory then grab a paper and pen to write the names down and where they are! I suggest that you should start from the top left corner and flip the cards as you go along only stopping either to make your memory remember a card and to make a pair.

Fashion Show-


( Models ) for the first round stick to the theme and time your jumps carefully, what I do is say and after the the green 1 then do your action. For the second round is same as first. Third round is just basically put on whatever is on the screen and for the items that you dont have puh something random on instead (except for the accessories) then quickly press x and hopefully you will be first to and so you get more points. ( Hosts ) choose the themes that are easiest and if possible make it two themes (
you know the one where it goes something like yellow/historical) that way the more points your models have the more stars you get !! Oh yeah here is the number of people who can go to the second round :

5 people then 4 people can go
6 people then 5 people can go
7 people then 5 people can go
8 people then 5 people can go
9 people then 6 people can go
10 people then 6 people can go
On the second round ALWAYS only 3 people will be able to go onto the final round.

Buzzer Beater-


Click your avatar when you shoot so you can fit a few more shots in. Try put a finger where your cursor flew by ( so you can fly by it again and score) cram as many shots as you can in.



Look for two stars that are the same color then look for another color that is the same color as the first two stars then think of a way you can join it onto the first two.

Candy Swap-


Same as Staries you look for two sweets that are the same then you look around them and see if there are any other sweets like those pair.

Magic Pop-


Move after each magic beam you send. Keep an eye above Orion to see if any orbs will fall on you if there is then dodge and try and send a magic beam at it.

(CHEAT: Go to the corner and press the spacebar down. It helps you win faster)

Bubble Bug-


Keep your net near the entrance so that you will be ready and can chase the bug to the other screen whilst blowing bubbles. Go for the dragonflies as they give you more points.

Snow Day-


Like Buzzer Beater keep your finger on the place that works and remember how much power you need.

Mouse Out-


Place the boxes further away from the mouse and when you have him in a box cage then put a box somewhere in the center you will trap him eventually

Type Boo-


If you are a quick typer then you have a good chance in this game. Don’t randomly type but type normally. Don’t type the small ghosts but type the big ones. Boxy- Wait for the arm to get as low as it can. Time yourself really carefully. Then…. CLICK and hopefully you will get 20 points

Bobo Fish-


Go round leave as much space you can around you and the obstacles. Go slowly and carefully.

Creature Arena-


Purchase a creature at the creature store. Go inside the creature arena and capture the stars! Eat the orange fruit to be quicker, apples to be larger, cake to be small and peaches to be invisible.

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  1. actually, for the magic pop, it will work better if u just kept on holding the space and not let go or move around, honestly! u don’t die!!

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