The best fantage cheats 2015


These are the best tops of Le-shop! Please leave your comments if you like them!

Military Style Jacket

1.Military Style Jacket

Pink Striped Shirt

2.Pink Striped Shirt

Funky Pink Pattern

3.Funky Pink Pattern

Blazing in Blue

4.Blazing in Blue

Red Leather Blazer

5.Red Leather Blazer

Blue feather tank

6.Blue feather tank

Checkered top

7.Checkered top

Green wrap top

8.Green wrap top

Boho chic

9.Boho chic

Cool Denim shirt

10.Cool Denim shirt

Pink Fluffy Jacket

11.Pink Fluffy Jacket

Sunshine yellow top

12.Sunshine yellow top

Black 'n' white tank

13.Black ‘n’ white tank

White Cardigan

14.White Cardigan

Sassy purple top

15.Sassy purple top

Elisa style

16.Elisa style

Military Jacket

17.Military Jacket

Metallic Red Jacket

18.Metallic Red Jacket

Flowing Yellow

19.Flowing Yellow

Happy Cow tee

20.Happy Cow tee

Puffy Teal Vest

21.Puffy Teal Vest

Western Style Shirt

22.Western Style Shirt

Airy Peach Shirt

23.Airy Peach Shirt

Green Flower Top

24.Green Flower Top

Midnight Black Tee

25.Midnight Black Tee


Comments on: "ϟTopsϟ™" (8)

  1. moonshinezodiac said:

    I like the second one

  2. Especially the cow tee ;w; its cute!

  3. Are they in order, or mixed up?

  4. Sweet_Girl_424 said:

    I LOVE military style jacket! I also like Sassy Purple Top, Airy Peach, Puffy Teal Vest, Metallic Red Jacket, Alisa Style, Checkered Top, and Green Wrap Shirt! (Not in order) I don’t have all of them thought because i’m a non-member. 😦 But you have good fashion sense! 🙂

  5. Is the green wrap shirt still in leshop

  6. I like all of the tops except for the following: 1,4,7,17,22, and 25

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