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Authors Needed! *Hiring*

I’ve been too busy now-a-days, I’m in 9th and I have NO TIME to post on this blog now. So I’ve decided to hire 2 authors for this blog.

  1. Job 1: Updater-  You have to update with all the new features fantage has released, new clothing etc.
  2. Job 2: Event posts- Posts event info’s every week when one releases.

I’ll hire you on the magazine blog and you have to post on it.

You’ll be selected according to:

  1. Neatness
  2. Grammar
  3. How frequently you post.

Wanna apply? Comment below and let me know.


(p.s. Today’s my birthday)

Fantage is celebrating its 6th anniversary! Fantagians are given a week free membership! Woohoo!


So log in now and enjoy the benefits of a member!

and look at me here…


Dressed like a ‘Queen’. I don’t know why? But I like how it looks.


I am sick of people commenting in order to get free membership or ecoins. Well, there are some sites which ask us to do some tasks and get the membership/ecoins. But there is ‘NO’ way, anyone can get membership or ecoins for free! Our blog is to guide fantagians in games, events etc. We can’t give out free membership! How is this even possible? Has anyone found out a way to do so? Us bloggers, try our best to help everyone UNDERSTAND the basics of fantage, answer your queries etc. We CANNOT use our money to buy your membership or ecoins. We’ve got a lot of comments about this and I really wanted to clear this to you all.



New updates…  and old…

  1. April Fools!


2. Chat update!Image Image

funnnnyyy Image I tried typing ily to my wun, but then it was like that <—– thennn  ImageI tried writing I hate you for fun, then

WordPress has updated the smileys (emoticons). They appear in comments and in posts. They look pretty cool ( idk…if I used the right word here, but they kinda look professional)

Oh wait! What are they? ->Click here to know more


;-) is equivalent to smile emoticon
:-) is equivalent to smile emoticon
:-( is equivalent to sad emoticon
:-? is equivalent to confused emoticon

Aren’t they cool! They look so modern and more expressive! I really like this update.



And repeat that 100 times and that would be the exact way I’m feeling right now.Image

Sorry arpsept if this isn’t really related… but.. Here I go. I’m Craftfitti, a blogger, scratcher, a Jammer, and a fantagian. My fantage user is crazydaisy111. But all my other accounts are craftfitti. I would <3 if you visited! Thanks

My exams got over a week before. I really don’t feel like blogging anymore. :( I am not shutting this blog nor quitting, I am just taking a break from this. I will hire the 3 contest winners to manage this blog for a week when I’m not there as their contest prize is left to be given. Sorry for the delay. I’ll be back blogging in april, or maybe before. I just need a break from the normal schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience. The winners will be emailed about the hiring.



Theater Week!

1Theater Week’s here! You can get access to all dressing room for the week and create movies for the 3rd contest!

2Click to know more about the movie contest.


The contest info! The prize is e-coins!


Click to learn about the theater week info.


All members have access to the dressing room.


Limited items are available!


You can buy the 3 limited costumes.

8 -> Click on this icon in the theater to try on any item from the all access dressing room.


Fantage released another update…hmm..yes again!! There is something new everyday now.


Double Weekend! Only for 3 days. 2/28~3/2 (p.s.- I didn’t see this earlier. Was it even there?)


Ultimate fashion show items. They seem cool! Make sure to check it out!

3 -> And look who I found! Harry styles on fantage! lol xD

Do you like the way I post? Like I mean now-a-days I kinda act high! :P Maybe its because of Maths. (Maths exam’s t’morrow!!)

Gotta go! Byex



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