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New Author!

Hey guys! It’s Candyplum1o1, and before you ask questions, I’ve been hired for this blog because Aprsept is going on vacation, and she will not be able to manage the blog while she is gone. Thank you for iviting me, Aprsept, and have fun at your vacation!~

Gizmo’s Q-Blast!

Hey guys!

Sorry about not being around, I just got back from my European Adventure!

Anyways, I decided to try something new today!

This ENTIRE post is going to be done as a video!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Ok, well I hoped you enjoyed that!



Hey fantagians! I’M ALIVE! (lol)

Fantage has released another Exciting Event! (Note the sarcasm)


I know, I’m really really late. It hardly has 2 days left. Sowwie *inserts* puppy dog face. Its called the ‘Fireworks Festival’.


Look, fantage has planned loads of exciting stuff for this event! xD


Lets check out the limited items.


So basically, you should have loads of “Gold” to enjoy this event.


You can click on this sign to buy fireworks.


You can buy firework powder to shoot your own fireworks. (I strongly don’t recommend anyone to buy this!)


Shoot your firework!


The only great thing about this event is that you receive a free gift when you visit the beach, castle or campground.


Hey guys! I missed you all so much! How has everyone been?

Well, happy summer!

Anyways, here is what Fantage now calls an event:

Drumroll please…


Yes, that’s right, an entire event based on chipping stone away to get ten stars!


Ok, here is the event video:

(Ok, I’ll admit, the accent is cool)

Anyways, once you get to the island, here’s what you’ll see:


Here is some information on the event:


Apparently you can level, but it isn’t working for me…

Anyway, click on the ancient temple



The, you can choose to use the free tool, or buy other tools…

I reccomend not wasting money on the tools, you’ll just be mad at yourself later

Now get to work as slave labor for a talking british fox!

Happy Chipping!




imageThanks a lot for helping me reach the goal. I love you all.

Today’s the blogs 2nd anniversary. Like wow, 2 years…

I am very grateful to all of you for visiting my blog. I know I haven’t been posting much lately :( Thank you for re blogging my previous post and  helping me cross 165,000!

(I will insert the shout outs later)



Hey ppl! Aprsept here!

It would really mean a lot if you help me reach 165,000 hits by tomorrow. Pretty please??? And guess whats tomorrow. COMMENT BELOW I YOU GUESSED IT. And if you didn’t ill post tomorrow telling you guys.

On June 8th 2013, we received a total of 757 views, and tomorrow I want to beat it.

(p.s. Whoever guesses it gets a shoutout!)



Hey guys, well here it is MyMALL!


Here’s some information on MyMALL:


That’s right, you can own your own store!

Because of this store, Fantage has created a new currency called Gold.

(It’s about as expensive as gold itself!)

Gold costs real money and are priced just like eCoins.

Right now, if you buy gold, you get 10% extra gold for free.

Just like eCoins, members get double the listed amount.


Here is the MyMALL lobby, here you buy selling permissions using gold! Just click on the lady at the desk.


You need to buy these in order to open a kiosk, Once you buy them, go up and pick your kiosk location!


My kiosk is on floor 10!

Once you find a kiosk you like, click it!


***The kiosk must have a “For Rent” sign on it***


Then, click “Open a Kiosk”!

You are now in buisiness!

Now, sell some items!

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Click your kiosk

Step 2: Click “Place”


Step 3: Scroll through and pick an item to sell!


Step 4: Set a price!

Step 5: Click “Place”!

There you have it! You are now a salesperson!

Now just wait for the dough to roll in!

Once you’re super-rich, go shop at other people’s kiosks or turn your gold into eCoins at the machine in the lobby!

Have fun buying/selling!


P.S. Sorry this is so late!


My Mall!

Hey guys! Well, the mystery has been solved!

There is also a winner of the contest!

Congrats ღнαzєℓღ ! You guessed what the new shop was correctly, so you win a prize!

Anyway, here’s MyMall!


Apparently it’s this place where you can sell items to other Fantagians.

Although, there’s one thing I’m confused about…

Is MyMall a place to sell items in your inventory, or a place to design items and sell them?

If it’s a place for inventory item sales, then that would be like TnS, I’m confused…

If you guys know, comment below!


Hey ppl! I know..I know, the last time I posted was on 25th April! I’m so sorry. The teachers are killing me…wid a lot of HOMEWORK, ASSIGNMENTS, PROJECTS ETC!!! Arrgh… too much of workload.

Okay..btw! I srsly don’t like the new actions fantage has included. We’ll compare the new ones with the oldies in this post!

Old Ones

12 3 4

They look so ‘REAL’. We can easily make out what they are, and they look amazing! (wave, cry, jump, wink)

New Ones

5 6 7 8

1) Blush looks OKAY.

2) The second one doesn’t show that the fantagian is surprised, it looks like she’s seen a ghost.

3) Okay, how can somebody open a mouth this big!!! ‘Excited’? looks more like laughing.

4) Embarrassed, looks nice.

I really appreciate that fantage has updated & improved a lot. I just wanted to make a random post comparing. Tell me if you want more of these ‘vs’ posts in the comments. Also tell me which one of those you like? Old or New or Maybe both


Hey guys, I found a cheat so that you can get a SS on Fantage for FREE!

That’s right, any SS item you want for FREE!

Now if you don’t know what “SS” stands for, it means Super Special and they are items only available from Lucky Bot.

Since it is basically impossible to win from Lucky Bot, I have a way to win these items!

Only one thing, you must be able to buy a membership.

If you don’t have mebership and are going to use this cheat, you must buy a ONE-MONTH membership!


Then, wait a few weeks and Fantage will give you something like this:



Still not satisfied? Well don’t worry! There’s a way you can get ANOTHER free SS item!

Warning now, you’ll need to cancel and un-cancel your membership!

First, cancel your membership:

Step 1: Go to the Fantage homepage and click “Membership & eCoins”



Step 2: Click “Manage Account”



Step 3: Click “Cancel Premium Membership”


Step 4: Log in and follow those steps to cancel your membership!

Step 5: Wait one day.

Step 6: Fantage should give you a message saying that if you renew your membership, you’ll get a SS item for free!

Step 7: Buy your membership again and get your item!

Well, that’s how i got two of my five SS items!

Happy item collecting!



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